Nurse Coaching Options

A 2018 study showed that a 12-week wellness coaching program led to significant improvement in study participants’ self-reported behaviors of physical activity and healthy eating choices as early as 6 weeks with continued improvement at 12 weeks and sustained results at 24 weeks. Similar trends were also observed with self-efficacy and quality of life measures. 

Here at Wellness Works we understand that businesses will have individualized short and long-term goals and measurements for their programs. We offer Integrated Health Coaching solutions that can be customized to your needs for both individuals and groups to help you achieve those results. Connect with us today to hear more.

Individual coaching sessions:

60 minute initial session followed by 30 minute sessions every other week for 12 weeks (total of six sessions per employee)

Group coaching sessions:

75 minutes per session every other week for 12 weeks (total of six sessions per group) Groups must be between 8-10 people for effective group process

Suggested topics for consideration:

·         Mindfulness based stress reduction

·         Elimination Food Plan (identifies food sensitivities that may be leading to a host of health issues)

o   This group runs on a 9-week, weekly schedule due to the nature of the program

·         Hormones and health, a group designed for women

·         Gut health

·         Keeping physically fit and active through the winter months

·         Inflammation and its role in disease